Progress Update: foundation piling


We brought piling rigs back on to site in May to undertake further foundation piling, mainly in the area of the waste bunker. Work can now progress to excavate the main bunker down to 14 metres below ground level.

The main focus on site is still casting reinforced concrete bases and foundations, which supports the process plant and buildings. Much of the structural work is ongoing below ground level, although in the area of the Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) process hall, the walls of the storage and maturation bays are starting to emerge above ground.

To make most efficient use of resources and time we have secured an agreement with the Waste Planning Authority to extend the construction working hours at the site, meaning we will be working weekends and some late week day evenings. 

This extension in construction working hours is not a blanket approval, but a framework that allows us to work these extended hours to an agreed schedule of activities, and with due notice given to our near neighbours, and the regulatory authorities. With this regime now in place, and work continuing over most weekends, we have received no adverse comments to date.