Project Update Bulletin 9

The project update bulletin provides the latest progress on the construction of Gloucestershire’s Energy from Waste facility. Construction activity continues to focus on concrete works, with progress according to programme.

The reinforced concrete floor slab to the main boiler hall, some seven metres below ground level, has now been cast, and we are preparing to cast concrete columns on this floor that will support the main turbine building floor at ground level.

Excavation of the bunker to -14 metres below ground has been completed and the ground is being prepared for casting the floor slab. The concrete floor slab for the flue gas treatment (FGT) hall is around 25% complete. The concrete floor slab to the incinerator bottom ash (IBA) treatment hall has been partly cast, and the reinforcement steel for casting the perimeter and internal walls is well advanced.

Plans are in hand for the commencement of slip forming (continuous concrete pouring) for construction of the main waste storage bunker, towards the end of August. The main items of site equipment are as per the last bulletin, and staff/operative numbers are also the same.

Site operations and Health and Safety continue to a high standard. Some low impact activities are being undertaken in evening shifts and some overnight shifts under the notification scheme agreed with the Waste Planning Authority (Gloucestershire County Council) and Stroud District Council. There have been no issues or complaints arising from this.

The Gloucestershire Energy from Waste facility is part of Gloucestershire Council’s wider waste and resources management strategy to reduce, recycle and recover waste materials across the county and to move away from reliance on end-of-life landfill.

For more information about the project, please visit Our emergency out-of-hours contact telephone number is 07860 268578.