Project Update Bulletin 2

This update is being issued to keep you informed of progress on the Energy-from-Waste facility under development at Javelin Park. The first elements of site preparation works have been completed.

The Javelin Park entrance security fencing has been put in place, and initial soil stripping has been carried out. Following the removal and storage of topsoil, further ground levelling, and the preparation of working platforms has commenced.

Some of the excavated material is being used for the formation of permanent screening mounds or ‘bunds’ to the south east perimeter of the site, which will ultimately be part of the landscaping. Some material will now be taken off site to approved and permitted landfill locally, where it will be used for engineering or site restoration.

The lorry traffic (Heavy Goods Vehicle or HGV) for this element of the preparation works is around 30 HGV loads per day, about half the number identified in the Construction Transport Management Plan (part of the Construction Environment Management Plan).

The benefit of moving some of the excavated material off site now is to reduce the overall daily HGV traffic by spreading movements for the whole groundworks phase over a longer period. Some 15 people, UBB and sub-contractors’ staff and plant operatives, are now on site daily. Site tidiness, working conditions and Health and Safety are being maintained to a high standard.

If you have any enquiries about the construction of the Gloucestershire EfW facility, please email or contact Ian Barber on 01242 248880.