Project Update Bulletin 17

Over summer, we successfully completed the boiler pressure test on schedule. This demonstrated the build integrity of the boiler, and allows follow-on activities to take place, such as installation of the cladding welds inside the boiler, refractory lining which acts as an internal insulation layer, and external insulation.

We also successfully carried out the fire water tank integrity test. Construction of the steel structures is nearly complete which has allowed the external façade of the building to progress. We expect to have most of this work completed in October with the final elements being completed by the end of January.

Pre-assembly of the Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) has started on site, ready to be lifted into place in the coming weeks. The ACC condenses the residual steam back into water to be recycled and reused by the facility. The ash-handling equipment for the incinerator bottom ash hall is also now on site and the installation is progressing as planned. Western Power Distribution is completing post-installation testing on the 33kv power cable in preparation for energisation during October.

The installation of the pipework on site to connect the equipment together is also progressing well with the first system tests expected in October. The final electrical and piping works have commenced within the flue gas treatment hall, which cleans the boiler gases prior to being released into the atmosphere. The final civil elements of the facility are almost complete, as construction of the tipping hall floor, gatehouse, and weighbridge foundations were finished in August.

Installation of the low-voltage underground ducting has progressed significantly and construction of the final process areas has begun, along with the construction of the attenuation ponds, which will manage water drainage across the site.

The Gloucestershire Energy from Waste facility is part of Gloucestershire County Council’s Joint Waste Strategy to reduce, recycle and recover waste materials across the county and to move away from reliance on landfill.

For more information about the project, please visit Our emergency out-of-hours contact telephone number is 07860 268578.