Project Update Bulletin 11

The project update bulletin provides the latest progress on the construction of Gloucestershire’s Energy from Waste facility.

Extensive concreting works and groundworks are continuing and erection of the steel support structures has started to pick up. Construction of the waste storage bunker and the turbine hall by continuous concrete pouring known as ‘slip forming’, is complete. Other concrete and groundworks activities are focussed around the Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) treatment hall, foundations for the Air Cooled Condensers (ACC – the coolers that turn steam back into boiler process water after the turbine), and foundations for the electricity substation.

Erection of the structure that will support the Air Pollution Control (APC) equipment is now in progress. Steel erection will steadily increase over forthcoming weeks, with numerous deliveries and construction of the steel framework that supports the process equipment (the furnace grate, boiler and pollution abatement equipment) commencing towards the end of November.

The main items of on site equipment comprise four cranes, three excavators, four dumpers, and three forklifts. There are currently some 140 operatives on site. Site operations and Health and Safety continue to a high standard. To implement the continuous concreting activities, night shifts have been worked under the notification scheme agreed with the Waste Planning Authority (Gloucestershire County Council) and Stroud District Council. Western Power Distribution’s (WPD’s) contractors have commenced work in the Stonehouse area to install the cable that will take electricity exported from the EfW facility to the national grid at the Ryeford substation to the south of the town.

Our Community Liaison Group meetings have been attended by WPD, Stonehouse Town Council and local parish councils, where WPD have reported on progress and received feedback from the community.

The Gloucestershire Energy from Waste facility is part of Gloucestershire County Council’s Joint Waste Strategy to reduce, recycle and recover waste materials across the county and to move away from reliance on landfill.

For more information about the project, please visit Our emergency out-of-hours contact telephone number is 07860 268578.