Gloucestershire Energy from Waste Facility getting ready for the next phase of commissioning and first waste deliveries

Urbaser Balfour Beatty Gloucestershire has announced that the Gloucestershire Energy from Waste facility is now preparing to enter the next commissioning phase.

This significant construction milestone will commence by the end of May, and is a statutory requirement of all Energy from Waste facilities before it can commence operations. Urbaser Balfour Beatty Gloucestershire will receive its first deliveries of waste from June 30th.


Commissioning is a series of tests undertaken in logical order. The next phase will involve testing of systems, including the drying out of the refractory and steam blowing alongside others. Once these are completed and signed off, the facility will test the full operational system using waste as a fuel.


Each phase of the commissioning process is interdependent, with the preceding test informing the timing of subsequent tests. After analysing data and measuring performance, Urbaser Balfour Beatty Gloucestershire will receive the first deliveries of waste on the 30th June, with all additional deliveries starting within a week of that date.


The tests are not representative of daily operations but will confirm that the equipment is working correctly and safely, and operations are able to commence this summer.


Commenting on this milestone, Craig Kirk, Project Commercial Director, Urbaser Balfour Beatty Gloucestershire said:


“Commissioning is a routine element of construction for power facilities such as the Gloucestershire Energy from Waste facility. It is not a time exact science as there are many elements to it, particularly in a complex engineering build such as this. Each week, we analyse performance and as a result make adjustments to the process and scheduling in order to make the facility ready for operations. It is critically important that we test that all the equipment and processes are working as they should before the facility is operational. As part of this, we are working with the Environment Agency who are monitoring the performance throughout.”


This phase starts with the pre-prep tests involving the drying out of the refractory and steam blowing, leading to the first firing of waste, both of which may emit a noise and a plume of steam which may be noticeable in close proximity to the site.


Commissioning will be complete once the facility has met the conditions and limits as set in the Environmental Permit, having been monitored by the Environment Agency throughout the process. At this point, the facility will be certified and approved for full operational use.


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