Nature returns to the site of Gloucestershire Energy from Waste Facility

It has always been a priority that the location of the Gloucestershire Energy from Waste Facility (previously known as Javelin Park) would eventually become a wildlife corridor, linking various local natural habitats for animals, and attracting them back to the area following the planned disruption of building works.

 In July, we were pleased to see that the return of wildlife to the site had already begun, with a nest of Wagtails building their home in some steel sections that have been stored for future use. When we came to move the steel, one of our operatives concerned noticed the nest containing unhatched eggs, and immediately alerted our environmental manager.

Barriers were placed around the area, and replacement steel sections were procured to prevent any disturbance until all the eggs have hatched and the four young leave naturally. Currently, the chicks are still in the nest and doing well.

The Wagtail is a ground nesting bird and surprisingly, not deterred by all the site activity. It is great to see the first signs of wildlife making their homes around the facility, and we look forward to welcoming more species back to their habitat as construction nears completion over the next year.