Gloucestershire Energy from Waste Facility on track to achieve construction milestone

  • The boiler pressure test is a regulatory requirement and is seen as a milestone in the construction programme
  • Gloucestershire Energy from Waste Facility is due to be operational in 2019
  • Urbaser Balfour Beatty have also completed a short project update film

Urbaser Balfour Beatty have announced that a construction milestone is on track to be achieved by the end of July. The boiler pressure test is a regulatory requirement under the Pressure Equipment Directive for the construction of all Energy from Waste facilities. The test demonstrates the build integrity of the boiler, and is one of a number of quality assurance measures designed to ensure the boiler is manufactured to the highest quality standards. 

During the test, the boiler is filled with water and pressurised to demonstrate that it is able to achieve the operating pressure requirements specified within the design. The test is in two parts: a full visual inspection followed by the pressure retaining test. The test is quiet and will not cause any disruption to traffic, pedestrians or local residents.

Andrew Bendall, Project Construction Director, said:

“This is a routine procedure during construction to ensure that this major piece of equipment has been installed to the rigorous quality standards required of this facility . It is a key construction milestone for the project as we proceed to being fully operational in July 2019.”

Urbaser Balfour Beatty have also produced a short reportage film about the construction progress on the site. Now past the halfway point, construction at the facility is progressing at a fast rate, and the report provides insight into the work currently taking place on site, and the key benefits of the site once operational. For full information, watch the full four-minute video here.