Project Update: Rise of the Machines

With erection of the main buildings and steel structures continuing to schedule, there has been increased activity as the process equipment is installed. At the heart of the energy from waste plant is the combustion grate which is now in place, and preparations are in hand for the installation of the boiler panels which will capture the energy created from the combustion process and raise steam to drive the turbine and electricity generator.

In the basement beneath this grate, the incinerator bottom ash handling and conveying systems are being installed. Also located here is a heat exchanger which enables us to use low grade heat energy (after the turbine has done its work) to pre-heat the air that will be used in the combustion process. This is one element of the design aimed at maximising the recovery of every ‘ounce’ of energy in the system wherever possible.

The first elements of the flue gas treatment system are now in place, as is the main boiler feedwater tank, and the tanks holding demineralised water. The facility uses domestic mains water to raise steam in the boiler, but this must be cleaned or demineralised in order to limit the build-up of solid particles in the boiler, which means that the water can be recirculated and reused as much as possible.

Linking all of these elements are copious amounts of pipework and ducting, fans and pumps of all sizes, all suitably insulated and clad to retain heat. The steam turbine and associated electricity generating equipment will be installed shortly. Off site, work on the installation of the electricity grid connection cable is nearing completion.