Project Update: Heavy Metal


The autumn has seen continued concreting works, with the construction of the turbine hall by continuous concrete pouring (slip forming), as well as the formation of the retaining walls for the building that will house the incinerator bottom ash processing. The last section of concrete floor in the area of the combustion grate and boiler has now been completed, with foundation works for the electricity substation and transformer near completion.

With the main concreting works drawing to a close, work has started on constructing the structures to support the flue gas treatment equipment. Work is also progressing well on the administration block and visitor centre.

Some components of the process equipment such as tanks, pumps, and pipework have arrived on site and been placed into position ready for installation. The main elements of the combustion grate and boiler sections are expected to arrive shortly. Off site, to install the electricity export cable is progressing to schedule.