UBB Welcomes Start to Public Inquiry

Javier Peiro, project director for Urbaser Balfour Beatty, said “We welcome the start of the public inquiry as part of our planning appeal for the proposed Energy from Waste facility at Javelin Park.”

“The facility would help divert over 92% of Gloucestershire’s residual waste from landfill, reducing carbon emissions and the release of greenhouse gases. It would also save council tax payers up to £190m over 25 years, compared to landfilling the county’s residual waste. The facility at Javelin Park would also create enough electricity to power approximately 25,000 homes. This would increase the county’s renewable energy production by over 50%.”

“We believe that our application is in-line with all relevant planning policy and given the recommendation of officers to approve the application, the allocation of the site within the adopted Waste Core Strategy and the clear need for the scheme, we decided to lodge an appeal. We are now looking forward to making our case to the Planning Inspector and a decision by the Secretary of State.”

The Secretary of State has decided to make the final decision on the proposals because he considered that “the appeal involves proposals of major significance for the delivery of the Government’s climate change and energy policies.” Following the close of the public inquiry, the Planning Inspector will prepare a report and a recommendation for the Secretary of State to consider.

Notes: The inquiry will sit for approximately five weeks in total; currently, the proposed dates are:

  • 19-22, 26-28 November 2013
  • 10-13 December 2013
  • 14-17, 21-24 and 28 January 2014

These dates are subject to confirmation, modification and cancellation by PINS. Dates will be published on the PINS and GCC websites.